Retailer Mode

Next Gen-Retail means, Unlocking content commerce.

We partner with retailers to extend there content enrichment ops to provide meaningful retail media.

We remove the friction from the buying journey, so customers buy what they need the first time… Your brands will win, move inventory more quickly, and increase category retail media spend within your marketplace.

Solution 01 Content Enrichment

Consumer products - helping products win by highlighting and organizing their best product attributes in a way that computers understand them – to better connect with “non” computers ;)

Solution 02 Increase Conversion

eCommerce - removing friction and increasing discoverability to help shoppers find what they are seeking, and convert into buyers.

Solution 03 Retail Media

Search & Retail Media - the next gen in retail 2.0 is increasing the value of your marketplace to better serve the brands that sell there. We help move inventory faster by deploying media strategies that add value to your brand partners.