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Compatibility is our middle name

Our approach to integration is centered around flexibility and adaptability. We accommodate a wide array of data sources to suit diverse business needs. Typically, this means working through an API process for a clean connection point.

We got you. Many more tech integrations available.

A bright future is right around the <p>code</p> corner.

Save money. Save time. Whether it's traditional SQL databases, NoSQL systems, direct data uploads, or leveraging APIs, we ensure a smooth and efficient integration process. Our platform is designed to seamlessly connect with various data formats and structures, enabling businesses to harness their existing data infrastructure. 

Brand compliance

Improved conversion

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Create happy shoppers. Our solution ruthlessly removes content complexity in your marketplace so you don't have to. Unlocking value for retailers and brands on the digital shelf.


Is my data used to train the AI models. What measures are in place to keep my data secure?

All data is confidential and is never used to train AI models externally, whether using an LLM or smaller, open-source models. We may use data to train models for individual clients, but only with explicit permission, and that model is only for their private, exclusive use.

How does the provider handle downtime and maintenance? What is the guaranteed uptime, and how are updates managed?

Downtime is minimal, but all clients are notified of maintenance or updates ahead of time. Updates will be deployed during low usage times, except when necessary for stability.

Are APIs offered for custom integrations? How easily can it be integrated with other tools and platforms?

Yes. APIs are a focus of attribute solutions to make incorporating new and updated data as easy as flipping a switch. We can integrate with all major databases or provide CSV files.