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How to get started?

Just send your full name, email, and a message detailing the solutions you’re interested in. By telling us a little about your platform or brand, we can reach out with a more detailed plan.

Can we do a proof of concept?

Absolutely. We encourage you to reach out so you can see the results for yourself. We will tailor it to your platform to showcase a sample of products and accompanying product types.

How do you define your pricing tiers?

Our pricing tiers are built for scale. As we refine custom AI templates for your platform or brand, we pass on the efficiency to you.

Do real consultants work with your AI model?

Yes. We believe AI is a tool that amplifies human input, not replaces it. We have real-time consultants working with our models during every generation and have put over 5000 hours of human feedback into our models.

Does your program require heavy content development?

No. Our implementation options are adaptable and compatible. We can work with your database provider, but the most complete option is a custom API that seamlessly integrates with your platform.