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Up to 500 products within 5 categories
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PDP + Attribute enrichment
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Get equipped with data you can trust to make critical business decisions.

The only way to build a winning consumer experience is to measure and benchmark your digital shelf. This begins with enriched content that performs from search to sale.  

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Enriched content that moves more inventory with less returns, cha-ching.

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People find the product that meets their shopping query the first time, fist-bump.

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Don’t let your marketplace get lost in the competition.

Create happy shoppers. Our solution ruthlessly removes content complexity in your marketplace so you don't have to. Unlocking value for retailers and brands on the digital shelf.


Are there any hidden costs or fees that might arise, such as for additional training, support beyond the basic package, or updates?

Absolutely not! The pricing tier list includes all AI training, development, and integration. If any additional services are included, the price will be included up-front.

How do the tiers work at scale?

As we increase the efficiency of the model and templates we build out for you, those savings are passed on, leading to cost efficiency the further you go.

Are there any support or maintenance costs?

No. As we work with your preferred database or throughput process, the cost for set-up is already factored in. Support is included for all users, big or small, to make sure our solutions continue to solve your problems without interruption.