Revving Up Sales and Discoverability with AI Attribute Enrichment for Automotive Brands

In recent years, the DIY auto parts market has experienced faster-than-expected growth, driven by the increased prices of new and used cars and the average age of used cars. Several brands, including automotive brands like Armor All, STP, Tippmann, and A/C Pro, sought to capitalize on the rising demand by enhancing their product listings on the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States.

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The Challenges

Lack of Product Visibility

With the surge in DIY auto parts sales, the online marketplace became increasingly crowded. Brands needed to improve the visibility of their products to attract more customers, especially as new DIYers enter the market seeking detailed information to become informed home mechanics.

Stagnant Sales 

The brands aimed to capitalize on the increase in DIY shoppers. Since sales growth after 2022, the brands needed upward momentum to continue through 2028 as the market is projected to double from pre-COVID levels.

Demographic Shift

As tech-focused younger generations enter the DIY market, there has been a shift to online sales. One retailer saw a 49% jump in online sales in the first quarter of 2022. Year-over-year in-store sales are losing ground to online-only and pick-up-in-store sales. Brands needed to stand out and provide the same expertise online as consumers would find in-store.

The Solution: AI Attribute Enrichment

Our custom solution at AdVonAI enabled these automotive brands to tackle their challenges. We worked closely with each brand to understand their specific needs, collected their product data, and employed our AI attribute enrichment strategy to enhance their product listings.

By updating and enriching product attributes, the brands aimed to improve searchability and appeal to a broader customer base, focusing on both technical and non-technical consumers.

The Results


AdVon’s solution targets high-volume keywords as well as long-tail, high-intent searches. This approach captures a larger range of customers. With thorough product information, consumers can make the right purchase the first time, increasing revenue and decreasing returns.

  • The brands saw a significant increase in unique keywords, with an average search rank improvement of 24 spots for relevant keywords. 
  • 498 new unique keyword placements for 2023 and a 12% increase in top 100 placements, putting these brands right where customers could see them.
  • Seat covers, automotive light bulbs, and engine air filters saw the most dramatic increases; some with a 166% increase in top placements.

Sales & Market Share

With increased discoverability, came increase conversion: 

  • For a catalog of nearly 130,000 products, sales saw an 22% increase in just 60 days, which resulted in 70k in additional revenue.
  • Delivery sales saw an increase of nearly 10%. 

And it doesn’t stop there. The market is anticipated to continue growing, with discoverability being an indicator of how fast each brand grows its online presence. Considering the DIY market has slowed to 5-6% growth over the past year (though still outperforming pre-COVID levels), the 22% increase in sales represents a significant increase in performance.

Retailer Compliance 

When selling on a 3rd party retailer, compliance with guidelines is important both for discoverability and paid placements. Increased sales are directly correlated with quality metrics as products are more likely to surface. 

  • There was a dramatic shift in items with an quality score over 80%, from 5,000 products to 28,000. 
  • Automotive products saw a 17% increase in average quality score, with 91% of products seeing an improvement. 
  • 900 new paid placements were present, adding another revenue stream. Paid and organic were maximized with products that consumers are more likely to purchase.

The investment in AI attribute enrichment proved to be a successful strategy for boosting both discoverability and sales in the DIY auto market. By enhancing product listings with more relevant and detailed attributes, the brands were able to attract a wider range of customers, increase conversion, and as a result, significantly increase revenue.

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The Numbers


in additional revenue to the brands.


unique keyword placements.


increase in delivery sales for a car cleaning brand.

Solutions Used

Product attributes are, by definition, the defining feature of products. When consumers are searching, they do so by attributes. Size, weight, durability, number of pieces, etc. These are what consumers use to find products, whether through organic search, or through filtering on an online retailer. AdVon uses AI and human-in-the-loop verification to make sure that all your data is utilized so that the most products meets the most purchasers.

Enhance visibility and searchability of category specific search. Lead high intent buyers into longtail opportunities that lead to the products they want, the first time. In years past it was often too time intensive and expensive to build campaigns with this level of detail. AdVon optimizes whole catalogs in days not weeks or years.

Optimizing category pages and individual product listings improves search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to discover products. Capture "new-to-brand" customers, as well as increasing repeat purchases with content reaches your target audience.

An Advon catalog audit pulls out all the information needed to diagnose and treat your catalog. We look at the number of missing attributes, and taxonomy shortcomings to determine where consumers are falling through the cracks. Don't lose more customers due to bad data.

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