Enhancing Tech Product Sales and Online Visibility with AdVonAI

Imagine transforming over 54,000 tech-related products for America's largest brick-and-mortar retailer in a matter of weeks. That’s what we did for some of the top 100 tech brands on this retailer. We used our tech (AdVonAI) to enrich their tech products at the next level in categories from cell phones to laptops.

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Rapid Market Growth 

Tech is a non-stop business. Every time you blink there’s a new smartphone, tablet, headphones, or some product line coming out. With each new model, comes a plethora of new specs. Differentiating products and making yours stand out has become a major challenge for retailers and brands.

The overall market is anticipated to grow at 6.6% through 2030, expanding a trillion-dollar industry. In some areas like smartphones the compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 7.3%. 

It’s no longer enough to have a “good product” when the market is heavily saturated and consumer demand is rapidly rising. “Stand-out products” require a multi-faceted approach that targets the consumer from interest to upgrade. 

Artificial Intelligence & Retailer Compliance: 

With AI developments happening daily, retailers are also leveraging LLMs to create better search for their customers.  Keeping products front-and-center is more difficult when AI is able to vet products at a scale that would have taken dozens of hours of human input and reviewing before. 

It’s important that brands keep their attributes up to date to make the most of retailer AI search, as well as adhering to those retailers’ guidelines to be eligible for higher ranking.

Solution: AI Attribute Enrichment

AdVonAI was utilized to optimize 54,000 products from top brands, focusing on enhancing attributes that matter most to consumers. This included detailed specifications, features, and benefits that resonate with tech-savvy shoppers.


The deployment led to a significant increase in sales, with average daily sales rising by 113.6%. Brands were able to capture a larger portion of the rapidly growing market share.

  • The brands saw a $12 million lift in just 30 days
  • In one category, laptop computers, sales saw a 94% increase


Enrichment led to a substantial rise in discoverability across the products. There was a 35.8% increase in new placements across both high-volume searches as well as high-intent long tail keywords.

  • 12,636 ranked for the first time in search post-enrichment
  • Top 10 placements surged by 87.2% getting these products at the top of search
  • The average search rank increased by 24 positions (that’s almost 2 pages!)

Retailer Compliance

Meeting retailer guidelines is important for tech products to surface on each marketplace. By using AdVonAI, each product is optimized to show up in a retailer’s algorithms and surface in AI search. The average quality score improved by 15.3% 

  • Across the catalog, there was a 792.6% increase in items scoring above 90% (Wow!)
  • 89% of all tech items saw an improvement in overall compliance

The use of AdVonAI to enrich tech product attributes proved to be a game-changer, resulting in remarkable improvements in sales, discoverability, and retailer compliance. The ability to adapt and enhance product listings to meet the demands of tech-savvy consumers has allowed brands to thrive in a competitive market.

Interested in these results? 

AdVonAI offers tailored solutions to help you stay ahead in the tech industry. Book a demo today to learn how you can enhance your product offerings and drive sales.


Sales lift in 30 days


The number of positions the average product increased by in search


Products that saw an improvement to quality score

Solutions Used

Product attributes are, by definition, the defining feature of products. When consumers are searching, they do so by attributes. Size, weight, durability, number of pieces, etc. These are what consumers use to find products, whether through organic search, or through filtering on an online retailer. AdVon uses AI and human-in-the-loop verification to make sure that all your data is utilized so that the most products meets the most purchasers.

An Advon catalog audit pulls out all the information needed to diagnose and treat your catalog. We look at the number of missing attributes, and taxonomy shortcomings to determine where consumers are falling through the cracks. Don't lose more customers due to bad data.

Enhance visibility and searchability of category specific search. Lead high intent buyers into longtail opportunities that lead to the products they want, the first time. In years past it was often too time intensive and expensive to build campaigns with this level of detail. AdVon optimizes whole catalogs in days not weeks or years.

Optimizing category pages and individual product listings improves search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to discover products. Capture "new-to-brand" customers, as well as increasing repeat purchases with content reaches your target audience.

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