How Top Fashion Brands Drove 85x Organic Placements on Walmart

These clients include 20 well-known fashion brands with listings on the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the US. From activewear, streetwear, and a footwear brand that you probably have in your closet, they all needed one thing: a way to make their product listing stand out.

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The Challenges

Brand Voice Integrity

Every brand has a niche. But all retailers have specific requirements and demand “unique” content on their sites. For most brands, scaling a copywriting team for every channel is not feasible. These brands needed a way to scale their product optimizations without sacrificing brand voice. 

Lack of Trust

One of the biggest challenges with online shopping for clothes is the lack of interaction with the item (though you can argue this for most things). Understanding the fit and feel of an item is especially important for clothing and footwear. Brands want their customers to have as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision. 


Large marketplaces can have thousands of sellers competing for keywords. Organically ranking on a retailer site proved difficult even for popular “name brand” items. These fashion brands needed a way to get in front of more customers and create a more efficient eCommerce strategy that converts.

How Top Fashion Brands Drove 85x Organic Placements on Walmart with AdVonAI

The Solution: AI Attribute Enrichment

Our custom solution at AdVonAI made it possible for each of these brands to tackle their problems. We talked with each one about their pain points, collected samples of their brand voice, and ingested their product data (over 1,000 products per catalog). 

We scaled to a solution in a matter of weeks, enriching their PDPs with SEO & user-focused descriptions and adding the important specs that help them rank, all before the holiday shopping season began.

Using fine-tuned LLMs with custom templates, these brands could create product pages with SEO and user experience in mind while staying true to their brand, even on an omnichannel retailer. 

The Results 

We measured results for these brands in three areas: discoverability, sales, and market share. 


When competing with thousands of products across multiple categories, ranking products on the first page is crucial for conversion. But before buying – step 1: find the product you need. Our solution targets a variety of long-tail and high-volume keywords to represent search volume and high-intent buyers. 

  • Across the 20 brands, enriched products products achieved over 850K placements in the top 10 organic search results compared to 10K previously.


Increasing the bottom line is the most tangible metric of success. Consumers are willing to buy when they can confirm they’re getting what they want. Not to mention, they are less likely to return – step 2: buy the product you want. 

  • Brands saw an average 23% lift in overall sales. 
  • A streetwear client’s sales were boosted by 106% which was 100K in additional revenue. 
  • During peak shopping months (November & December), the brands saw an 84% increase in sales from the previous holiday season

Market Share

Better discoverability and conversion leads to notable effects on market share. When customers trust the brands they purchase from, they become return shoppers. We call this turning browsers into buyers. 

  • One streetwear client jumped from 21st to 9th in market share.
  • Another client saw a 110% (from 1-2.2%) increase in market share within the top 10 placements. Two percent may seem small, but when it comes to thousands of products, it’s a large chunk of the competition. 

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What does this mean for the retailer? 

We know that when brands win, so does the retailer. Increased conversion puts money in everyone’s pocket. And since our AI follows each retailer’s unique guidelines, it creates a more concise and compliant catalog for the retailer. 

The Numbers


lift in sales from the previous holiday season


organic placements on retailer site


in additional revenue for a single client

Solutions Used

Product attributes are, by definition, the defining feature of products. When consumers are searching, they do so by attributes. Size, weight, durability, number of pieces, etc. These are what consumers use to find products, whether through organic search, or through filtering on an online retailer. AdVon uses AI and human-in-the-loop verification to make sure that all your data is utilized so that the most products meets the most purchasers.

Enhance visibility and searchability of category specific search. Lead high intent buyers into longtail opportunities that lead to the products they want, the first time. In years past it was often too time intensive and expensive to build campaigns with this level of detail. AdVon optimizes whole catalogs in days not weeks or years.

Optimizing category pages and individual product listings improves search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to discover products. Capture "new-to-brand" customers, as well as increasing repeat purchases with content reaches your target audience.

An Advon catalog audit pulls out all the information needed to diagnose and treat your catalog. We look at the number of missing attributes, and taxonomy shortcomings to determine where consumers are falling through the cracks. Don't lose more customers due to bad data.

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