Over $1.4M in New-to-Brand sales over the fiscal year

We helped a beauty brand net a 15.4% increase in traffic from attribution enrichment. This results in a forecasted $1.4M of new revenue at a 2.5% conversion rate.

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What was going on

Identifying quality traffic opportunities in their partner marketplaces was causing major headaches and compliance issues. This fortune 50 brand, in a highly competitive category, was seeking a new edge to drive retail media traffic.


Product attribute enrichment starts with understanding the rules of engagement. Our human in the loop AI engine understands marketplace search and media. We help unlock these tricky compliance rules, and apply the findings to your product content strategy. Enriching category, and product pages is tedious. Thankfully our AI engine and APIs help implement our human created content strategies.

Having your products surface in the right categories at the right time is key to have an effective enrichment strategy. After all, we want customers to purchase the right product the first time. Category and product enrichment results have been promising... Who would have thought making use of existing search intent, following compliance, and activating long-tail terms can stack up into big wins!

Over 90-days we have seen:

  • 15.4% increase in product discovery
  • 2,325 new top 10 rankings for high-volume search queries
  • Over 3,000 new keywords indexed that are directly relevant to product attributes

Despite the tedious nature of content enrichment, it is clearly worth the squeeze. Not only does it help elevate retail media engagements, but helps protect your products in categories you have historically dominated. Book a demo, we will show you data and can model a solution for your situation.

The Numbers


15.4% increase in product discovery


Over 3,000 new keywords indexed that are directly relevant to product attributes


2,325 new top 10 rankings for high-volume search queries

Solutions Used

Enhance visibility and searchability of category specific search. Lead high intent buyers into longtail opportunities that lead to the products they want, the first time. In years past it was often too time intensive and expensive to build campaigns with this level of detail. AdVon optimizes whole catalogs in days not weeks or years.

Optimizing category pages and individual product listings improves search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to discover products. Capture "new-to-brand" customers, as well as increasing repeat purchases with content reaches your target audience.

Flywheel Digital

Don’t let your marketplace get lost in the competition.

Create happy shoppers. Our solution ruthlessly removes content complexity in your marketplace so you don't have to. Unlocking value for retailers and brands on the digital shelf.