Return-on-time stacks up into THOUSANDS of hours saved in content enrichment

Content enrichment does not need to be a taxing process on your internal team. Unlock product discoverability at the snap of a finger. We help you surface better quality content to your consumers through attribute enrichment.

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What was going on

PDP attribute and catalog content enrichment takes a TON of time. A recent global haircare brand was balancing whether the effort was worth spinning up an internal task force to run with the effort. We helped them turn enrichment on auto-pilot. Read on!


Our human in the loop AI technologies, learn the complexities of your products and ensure accurate lasting discoverability. We saved, a top-5 hair care brand THOUSANDS of internal team hours, by leveraging our content enrichment program. Better yet, expanding on contextual product attributes resulted in net gains in new to brand conversions, and keyword surfacing on a top online marketplace.

90-day results:

  • 96% lift in category keyword surfacing
  • 14% increase in new-to-brand sales  
  • 10% of FTE hours required over manual process

How’d we do it? It begins with studying the customer shopping journey and overlaying that with conversion rate and gaps in the catalog where products appeared. Pairing our categorical AI engine with a REAL content strategist helped us inform a keyword enrichment plan that aligned with brand messaging and ensured marketplace compliance. From there we enriched thousands of SKUs in a matter of weeks (not months).

Not only were thousands of internal hours saved. We also are projecting a YOY revenue improvement of $1.5M attributed to the incremental content enrichment program in this hair products category.

The Numbers


Lift in category keyword surfacing


FTE internal resourcing time saved


Increase in new-to-brand sales

Solutions Used

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