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It’s not just $ROI, but also Return On Time.

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Happy Shoppers

Conscientious, dare I say happy shoppers are MORE profitable.  Higher conversion rates, and less returns. Enriching the content and product attributes at the point of discovery and sale creates more informed customers. These customer make purchasing decisions more quickly and buy the right product the first time! See how are tech scales product voice and increase your "Return-on-time" optimizing for compliance and accuracy across the marketplace search.

Happy Brands

Win more market share... Our platform extends the value loop between retailers and brands. We streamline content compliance and help brand teams optimize millions of valuable content attributes that ultimately help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. The best part. This content structuring unlocks retail media capabilities to open up new market revenue opportunities. Some smart paper GM calls this  a "win-win-win resolution."


Our pricing is built for scaling. We provide a transparent price model with custom tiers that help you become more cost effective as your scale increases.


From BigQuery to simple CSVs. We got your back. Our tech team is centered around flexibility and adaptability to save you time.